How high should my lamp hang above the dining table?

afstand tussen lamp en eettafel

Choosing the right height for your pendant lamp above the dining table is often tricky. A well-chosen lamp can light up the entire room. In this article, we’ll give you simple guidelines to determine the perfect height .

Read on and turn your dining table into an eye-catcher.


  • Hang your lamp 60 to 80 cm above the tabletop for the right lighting and atmosphere.
  • Adjustable lights give you flexibility to adjust the height for different situations.
  • Consider the size of your table and lamp to keep the balance.
  • Personal preference plays a big role; Choose what best suits your style and décor.
  • For larger tables or lamps, adjust the height to achieve a balanced look .

The height of a lamp above the dining table

The height of a lamp above the dining table is determined by the rule of thumb for the correct height and can vary depending on personal preference. On average, a guideline of 60-80 cm is maintained between the tabletop and the bottom of the lamp.

Rule of thumb for the right height

A good rule of thumb is to hang the lamp 60 to 80 cm above the tabletop. This will provide enough light while eating and prevent people from hitting their heads. You should also consider the size of the lamp and the height of the ceiling.

This way, you can create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room or wherever your dining table is located.

Exceptions may apply to large tables or pendant lamps. Adjustable lights provide flexibility to adjust the height to suit different situations. Pay attention to the ratio of lamp, table and space for the best results.

This way you combine style and functionality in your interior.

Average Height

After understanding the rule of thumb for the right height, it’s important to consider the average height of a lamp above the dining table. The recommended height for hanging a lamp above the dining table is usually between 60-80 cm above the table top.

This height provides balanced lighting for the dining table and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. However, it is essential to consider individual preferences and specific needs when determining the ideal height, which can vary depending on factors such as ceiling height and the style of the lamp.

Depending on personal preference

To hang the lamp above the dining table, the height depends on your personal preference. It’s all about what you like best and what best suits your dining room design.

It can vary based on the atmosphere you want to create and the style you want to emphasize.

After considering the height above the dining table, let’s now look at how to properly hang the pendant light in relation to its distance from the tabletop.

Hanging the pendant lamp above the dining table

Hang the lamp so that the bottom is about 60-80 cm above the tabletop. Exceptions can be made for larger tables or lamps.

Distance between table top and bottom of lamp

Hang the lamp about 60-80 cm above the dining table for an ideal hanging height. For larger tables or lamps , you can adjust the distance slightly so that the ceiling light does not clash with the head.

Guideline from 60-80 cm

Hang the lamp about 60-80 cm above the dining table for best results. For smaller tables, a height of 60 cm may be suitable, while larger tables may be better with a height of 80 cm.

Make sure the lamp is not too low to avoid heads and not too high to provide sufficient light. The spacing is essential for a balanced look.

Exceptions for larger tables and lamps

For larger tables and lamps, it’s important to keep the ratio balanced . For larger dining tables, the distance between the tabletop and the bottom of the lamp may be slightly more than the standard guideline of 60-80 cm.

With oversized pendant lights , the height can also vary to maintain a balanced look . When hanging a lamp above a large dining table, remember that the space underneath should not appear too crowded or too empty.

Frequently asked questions

How high should the lamp hang above my dining table?

The lamp should hang about 60 to 75 centimeters above the top of the dining table to provide enough light without people bumping into it.

Can I use the same height for a lamp above my kitchen island?

Yes, the same height is also good for a lamp above your kitchen island. Make sure that the light is well distributed over the work surface.

Does the size of my room matter to the height of the lamp?

No, the size of your room doesn’t matter. It’s more about the length between the lamp and the table so that everyone can sit comfortably and the light falls well.

How do I choose the best design for my lamp above the dining table?

Look at the décor of your dining room or bedroom. Choose a lamp that matches your style and provides enough light above your coffee table or dining table.

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